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                                                                                THE YEAR 2010 HAPPENINGS AS THEY OCCURRED

2010 BCt A view of the lake in the early winter  2010
      BCt Lake winter view covered in snow

                                                                                    JANUARY 2 2010  Winter Views of the Lake

        2010 Brigden Park Place Jan21 visit Rod Wilde Aleta
          Brian   2010 Brigden Park Place Jan 21 Wilde Rod Aleta

Jan 21 2010 During a visit east by Rod & Wilde we make a visit to Brigden Park  Place to see Mother

           2010 Uncle Bill, Rod and Mother in the Shack     2010 Rod, Wilde and Uncle Bill in his Shack

                                                            We also made a visit to see Uncle Bill in the Shack on the old Marsh Farm

                                                            2010 Kathy atBeacon Court with flowers

                                                                                    April 22 2010 Kathy at Beacon Court happy with her flowers

June 6 2010 Canatara

June 24 2010 Camping  the Wolffs Beckers

                                                               2010 BCt back patio's Summer Garden 

                                                                            July 8 2010 Back Patio Summer garden at Beacon Court

                                                                2010 Summer Fun in the water at SYC Mackinaw Race Day

                                                           July 17 2010 after the Mackinaw Race Day we take a cooling dip in the Yacht Club Basin 

                                                                2010 Brian, Kathy and Mother at the Annual July Arnold

                                                                                        July 18 the Arnold Reunion
held at Cathcart Park            

                                                                            2010 A visit with the cousins at the Stag Islang Bob Marsh

                                                                             Aug 14 We visit Bob & Jane  Marsh at their Stag Island Cottage with many cousins present

IMG 3619 Alison & Gary

                                                                    2010 Big White at the
      Erie Barge Canal
                                                                                                        Big White Erie Barge Canal
                                    Aug Sept 1 Erie Barge Canal

Img 3706 Castleton Boat Club 9/7/10

IMG 3722 9/14/10 Beacon Court

  2010 Johnny and friend with Kathy on Aleta's Perch   2010 Brigden Johnny with the prize Pumpkins at Brigden Fair

                                    Johnny and friend with Kathy on Aleta's Perch and Johnny was impressed with the prize pumpkins at Brigden Fall Fair

 2010 A visit to the Pinery see us camping and Biking   2010 The
      Summach in full fall coulors at the Pinery

                                                                                Oct 17 2010 Kathy and I enjoy Pinery Camping  in the fall Colours

Oct 27 Lake Huron Gulls

                                                                    2010 BCt Ron
      Wendy Family visit with Russian Friend Nick

                                                                                Oct 10  Ron Wendy & Family visit Beacon Court with Gary's Russian Friend Nick

Nov  2 Beacon court

      BCt Sunset Oct 29 looking at shoreline West    2010 BCt
      Oct 29 sunset looking NW

                                                    On Oct 29 2010 are two photos of the beautiful sunset looking West and then North West

Nov  2 Beacon court

                                                                         2010 BCt Nov 30 we see a Major Lake Huron Seche

                                                                           Nov 30th Lake Huron has a Seche with low water that shows an exposed sand bar that is not normally seen.

Dec 12 2010 Kelsonia Visit Courtney Gary Mother Alison IMG 3833

Dec 20 IMG3846 Mother in Fiddick's with broken Hip

                                                      2010 BCt
      Winter Milk Weed

                                                                                                    Milkweed shedding it's seeds in the late Fall

Dec 25th Beacon Court Christmas

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