We greeted the New Year 2011 while in still the in the Okanagan Valley with Jack. On our return to the Coast we soon returned to Ontario

Jan 22 2011 Courtney made a weekend visit  to Beacon Court as she passed through on her way to Ottawa on business. She made the most of her time with us and had a great visit with old friends as seen below,

            2011 Beacon Court Courtney visits her girl friends        2011 Beacon Court Courtney & Friends in the Kitchen

In April 2011 we returned to the  in the Rio Dulce where Tundra was waiting for us at at Mario's Marina

                                                                        2011 Rio Dulce Tundra waits for us at the dock at Marios

To view our time spent aboard Tundra in the Rio Dulce 2011 click on this link   W Carib Recent

May 25 2011 Arrive Home from the RIO DULCE to move on with the rest of 2011

                                                 2011 6T6 Dental Hygieists at
      thier 45th Reunion

June 14th took us to 6T6 45th  year Dental Hygiene Reunion in Toronto. Kathy met up with many of her old classmates and a good time was had by all.

June 17 2011 Roof Done

June 21st 2011 took us to BC for family visit as well a Coates Family Reunion to be held in July in Merrit BC

                              2011 Bc Reunion Jack Johnny
        and Brian                         2011 Bc Reunion Courtney Jack Miranda and Johnny

                                                        Above left Brian Jack and Johnny and left Courtney Jack Miranda and Johnny

                           2011 BC Reunion Brian
          Rod Jack Titannia Kathy                        2011 BC Reunion Doug
          Brian Jack Doug

                                                            Above left Brian Rod Jack Titania and Kathy and right Doug Brian Jack and Greg

July 16 2011 Rod makes a brief visit home for Mother's 95th Birthday Celebration and to take a course in Toronto

                                                                                                2011 beacon Court Rod with
        Aleta on a brief visit Home to Sarnia

July 17th had us at the annual Arnold Reunion held at Cathcart Park on the St. Clair River

                                                                                            2011 Beacon Court Arnold
      Reunion Ron Aleta Kathy and Brian       

                                                                                                    At the Arnold Reunion Cathcart Park Ron Mother Kathy and Brian

On July 27 2011 we purchased Katalina’s Legend a gift we justified for our 45th wedding anniversary.

2011 New Hamburg we pick up
      our new boat            2011 Beacon Court Katalana's
        Legend anchored off

                                    We pick up our new Boat  "KATALENA'S LEGEND" at New Hamburg and right we have her anchored off our beach

From Aug 3-9 we did a camping trip in Big White to Tobermory with Katalina’s Legend in tow.

                                    2011 Tobermory Grotto Cave    2011 Tobermory Grotto
        Cliff    2011 Tobermory Katalina at
        dock John Betty Brian Kathy

                                                            Above we tour around Flower Pot Island at the TUB and party at our dock at our campsite with John & Betty Smith

On Aug 12th Gary and Allison visited for the weekend

                                                                                                            2011 Beacon Court Gary and
        Alison Visit                   

Aug 21 2011 brought Kayley and Wendy for a visit

                               2011 Beacon Court Kaley in the sunset                               2011 Beacon Court Wendy &
      Brian on the Perch

Sept 12 2011  saw Kathy enrolling in Tai Chai. Photo taken in Nov

                                                                                                 2011 Beacon Court kathy and Tai Chai

                                                                                            Nov 2011 Kathy poses with some of her Tai Chai friends

Sept 22 2011 saw more camping at Frankenmouth Michigan

                                                                                    2011 Frankenmoth Mi Camping Beckers Wolff B&K

On Oct 8th 2011 Courtney and Family made a visit east.

                                    2011 Beacon Court The Kirby
        Marsh Family        2011
        Beacon Coury Kayley Madi Courtney on Swing


                            2011 Brigden
      Fair Ride with Kathy         2011 Petrolia with the Goblins of halloween

                                            Above on a Ride at Brigden Fair and also a trip to Petrolia for a visit with the Goblins of Halloween

                                2011 BEACON COURT Barrett & Katthy on the beach    2011 Beacon Court Barrett
      Madi Kathy aboard KATALINAS LEGEND    2011 Beacon Court Madiin
      the sand head above

                                                                                                                    A lot of time was spent on the Beach

On Oct 18th we moved Mother to Trillium Villa

      Beacon Court Oct 18 we moved Mom to Trillium

Dec 12 2011 we made our way to BC for a Christmas visit to Vancouver and to later spend New Years in Oliver at Jack's for skiing at Mt Bauldy and to have a visit with him

                                            2011 BC Delta We watch Hockey with a panoramic sequenced

Christmas Time always involves playing fun games

                2011 BC Delta
        we play Snakes and Ladders        2011
        BC Delta we play Twister

We make our way to Bowen Island via ferry on Christmas Eve to spend it with Rod Titania and Wilde

                                                                        2011 BC Bowen Island Ferry Ride

On our arrival on Bowen Island we find Rod and Titania hard at work preparing a scrupulous dinner

                                                            2011 BC Bowen Rod & titania prepare our Xmas Eve

Dinner is served below left Christmas Eve at Bowen Island with the Marsh Kirby Families in attendance

                   2011 BC Bowen Island and dinner is served              2011 BC Delta Boxing Day Family Dinner   

                                                        Another fabulous dinner was served  Boxing Day in Delta viewed top right

Dec 30 2011 off we went to Okanagan for our New Years celabration. On our way into the Valley we pass by the Nearby White Salt Lake located close to the Observatory

      2011 BC Drive
        to the Okanagan we pass Salt Lake        2011
        BC The Okanagan drive and Mountain Sheep

                                                                 Along the road on our way to the Okanagan we come across
grazing Mountain Sheep

We enjoyed our stay in the Okanagan Valley visiting with Jack and off course also the excellent skiing conditions on Mount baldy a local family Ski Hill located just up the mountain behind Jack's house

            2011 Okanagan Brian Johnny
        and Brian enjoy a Visit                2011BC Oliver view the top
        of Mount Bauldy

                                                                                            Kathy and I ski Mount Bauldy before New Years Eve 2011

                                    2011 BC Oliver Brian skis
        Mount Bauldy                    2011
        BC Oliver Kathy skis Mount Bauldy

We spent New Years Eve and a few days after skiing and visiting before returning to the coast and flying back to Ontario to prepare for our departure back to Guatemala for the rest of the winter