Below is a   summary of our 2012 EVENTS that took place

                                2012 New Years saw us in British Columbia finishing up our Christmas visit with Family


The day was spent skiing Mount Baldy with family. Mount Baldy is a local ski hill about a 45 minute drive up the mountain. Fun was had by all as you can see below.


                  2012 BC Oliver Kathy on top of Mount Baldy Ski Hill        2012 BC Oliver A view from the top of Mount Baldy
            looking West



                                            Above Kathy on top of Mount Baldy and a view from the top of Mount Baldy looking West



                                        2012 BC Oliver The Marsh
            Clan gathers at the top of MT Baldy


                                                                              The Marsh Clan Gather at the top of Mount Baldy in Oliver BC

       Jan 6th 2012 we depart the Okanagan for Vancouver. We fly east Jan 8th



                                2012 BC Drive winter conditions over the Hope Princeton



                                                      Our drive over the Hope Princeton Highway on route to Vancouver remind us that it is indeed winter!!



                                                 2012 BC We encounter
        Mountain Sheep on the Drive to Vancouver



                                                                       We encounter some mountain sheep along the way to Vancouver as they are enjoying the road salt.



                                         2012 BC In Delta we have a game of BEYBLADES



                                After a drive through the mountains we enjoy a relaxing game of BEYBLADES in Delta before returning to Ontario on Sunday.


Upon our arrival we take in the day as we readjust   and change gears to head south in the new year. As you can see   below winter has not yet taken hold at Beacon Court.

                       2012 Beacon Court Lake Huron
      view west Jan 10            2012 Beacon Court Garden on
      our Return

                                            On our arrival Home in January the Lake is still free of ice as you can see our garden still sports some colour

                                                                        2012 Rio Dulce Tundra awaits
      our arrival

Tundra waits peacefully on her mooring at Marios Marina waiting for our Early February arrival to the Rio Dulce. For more on our time there click on  

or paste this URL on your browser.



From Feb to May we worked and played on Tundra in the Rio Dulce, Guatemala with an interesting cruise out to the offshore atolls of Belize-Lighthouse and Glovers Reef.



                                                                                2012 Belize
                    Brian & Kathy on Light House Reef

 Pristine reefs and coral are supporting an amazing underwater system offshore. The fish and creatures are bigger and coral more spectacular than inshore. Yes, I flinched several times with these beautiful, big creatures so close. About May we are getting homesick and love to return to Beacon Court.

                                                                                Home again in 2012  we looked forward to the rest of the year


                                                                            2012 beacon Court
              Brian Kathy Madi Barrett on the beach           


For the first time we had Madison and Barrett with us for the month of July. Weather cooperated and we loved every minute of kid time. It included lots of beach play, swimming, boating and visiting Grandma Aleta.


                             2012 North Channel
              Kathy catches a bass                    2012 North Channel
              Brian holds up the catch



  In August 2012   we headed for our beloved Killarney and camped on the inlet. It was so easy to revisit our old haunts in Katalina‚Äôs Legend. Fishing was just as we remembered-bass sporting great fight. Hiking and relaxation on the warm rocks is a huge privilege.


                                                                                    2012 New York &
              Pennsyvannia Brian Colour Tour

                                        October took us for a fall colour tour through Pennsylvania and camping in Big White on the Finger Lakes.



                                                                          2012 South Carolina
              Visit with Meindert and Gail



A few days in South Carolina and Florida rounded out our fall warmly. Here we had  a visit with Meindert and Gail at their home. here is a view of their dock.




                          2012 Kelsonia in Ron
              celabrates his 75th Birthday            2012 Kelsonia The Xmas
              Tree goes up at Ron's 75th



  This year is a hallmark for Ron Marsh who is celebrating 75 years young. Kayley and Gary both will be graduating from university in June and another chapter begins. Above right Kathy and Gary with Alison decorate the tree.


    We will spend Xmas in Vancouver with Rod, Courtney and families; then off to the Okanagan to have another family ski and visit my Dad, who is working on his 104th year. Visits with sister Eleanor and John and brother John and friend Miranda will be a bonus.


                                                                            2012 BC Oliver We have a visit with Jack in the nursing

                        A pre Christmas visit to Oliver with John and Eleanor was a bonus as we visited with Jack who is now at Sunny Bank nursing home.



              Beacon Court B&K sit on our Butterfly garden        2012 Beacon Court Sunsets over the Lake



                                                             As you see above during 2012 we enjoyed our gardens and sunsets at Beacon Court                                  

Feb 3 2017