Having been home over the holidays meant a preparation phase begins for heading back to Guatemala to launch TUNDRA once again. Many hours were spent sewing, packing and shopping. A new Bimini was constructed as well as a vastly improved Storage and Marina protective cover.

                           2014 A Lake Freighter makes
      it's way through the ice     2014 Kathy lays out
      material for new storage cover

Above a Lake freighter plys through the ice in Southern Lake Huron early January 2014 as Kathy lays out the sumbrella in order to measure for Tundra's new Storage Cover

                 2014 kathy sews storage
          tarp on our Sailrite SewingMmachine                2014 Beacon Court Lake
          view before leaving to go south

        Kathy at our Sailrite busy sewing Tundra's new storage cover and a view of the lake before heading south to Tundra

JAN 15TH 2014 w
e fly out of Detroit en route to Guatemala City.

For our beginning adventures on this year’s Tundra W CARIB RECENT Cruise please go to page   W Carib RECENT and scroll down the page to year 2014.


May 1st we returned to Canada to Spring in full bloom. The Seaway was busy as you can see by the anchored ships off our beach. They were waiting patiently in the sunset for their Lake Pilot to guide them through the Upper Lakes to their destinations.

                                               2014 Ships anchored off
          in the sunset waiting for a pilot

                                                                               Ships anchored off  in the sunset waiting for a lake pilot to guide them

                                                               2014 Our pet sguirrel
          welcomes us home     


                                                                Our favourite squirrel was also glad to see us return.

                                                         2014 Courtney makes a surprise visit

A surprise short visit in May by Courtney to Ontario on business was welcomed by us. It gave her the opportunity to visit some old friends here as well as her grandmother.


                                                                        2014 was the year to build my
      Car Port

                                                In May work soon began on my summer project that was to build a car port.


May was a month of doctor visits and we discovered that Kathy’s previously diagnosed Cancer had transformed for the worse. Six months of Chemotherapy was deemed necessary thus creating a cloud of stress for the rest of the year.


                        2014 Our first Monarch in
      mid June                            2014 Gary and Alison come
      for a visit during the summer

Flowers bloomed in Mid June and our first visit by a Monarch Butterfly. Allison and Gary spent the July Holiday weekend with us.


                                                                    2014 My Car Port is nearing

                                                    The Car Port as you can see above was nearing completion.


July 2nd Madi and Barrett arrived for their summer visit. They Madi and Barrett arrive at
          Pearson International for their 2014 Summer Visitenjoyed their visits with their Great Grandmother as well as progressing to new levels in the Yacht Club Junior Sailing Program.

                  2016 One of many trips to the Ice Cream Store    2014 Madi & Barrett
      visit their Great Grandmother

                  We make another trip to Ice Cream Galore                    Madi and Barrett have a visit with their Great Grandmother

            2014 Wilde and Rod with
      Aleta                      2014 Rod & Wilde try
      out the surf in Lake Huron

Early August Rod and our granddaughter Wilde visit. They enjoyed the lake and visits with their Grandmother and Great Grandmother.

                                                        2014 Rod & I try out
        our bricklaying skills       

                                        Rod and I put the finishing touches on the car port by trying our hand at bricklaying.


                                                                                       2014 Camping on the Maitland
      River near Goderich

                              Later in August Kathy and I took a trip in Big White to a campsite near Goderich for a few days.

                                        The later part of September took us north for a fall colour tour.

                                                        2014 kathy at Ti Chi

                              On route in the Orangeville area Kathy visited the Ti Chi National Headquarters.

                    2014 Fall colours with a vertical view                   2014 Fall Colour Tour

                            On this trip we made it as far north as  Huntsville where the colours were spectacular.

                        2014 Beacon Court Fire
          Bush with Brian & Kathy        2014 Fire Bush in full colour

                                                At home our patio Fire Bush was doing it’s fall thing as well.

                                                 2014 A visit to Kelsonia
          Ave with the Ron Marsh Family

                                Nov 15th provided us with a visit to Kelsonia Ave in Scarborough at Ron and Wendy’s home.

                 Later November saw Kathy’s last treatment of Chemo and the results are looking positive!

 We are now anxiously awaiting Greg and Courtney and Family’s arrival Dec 22nd for the Christmas Holidays 

            `                                                2014 The Kirby Family
      arrives for Xmas

           The Kirby Family arrives at the Toronto airport for the Christmas Holidays with Madi and Barrett on the lead

                                     It was one of our best Christmas Holidays ever !!

Jan 30 2017