The first real snow fall was on Jan 5th 2015 that almost covered our Pumpkins left over from Halloween.

                                                            Looking over Lake Huron with pumpkins in the snow

A Lake Freighter is making it's way down stream in ice free Southern Lake Huron when normally ice is forming this time of year.

                                                        A lake freighter makes it's way down the lake in winter

Jan 22 2015


 We are busy packing as we are heading back to TUNDRA due to arrive in in Guatemala City on Feb 2 2015.

Below an icy Pictures of Southern Lake Huron in January. The sun is just rising over the lake as we view it from the perch.



                                                                                                                Lake huron Sunrise Looking East

                            A lake freighter makes it's way through the winter ice of
          Lake Huron

Above a look at Southern Lake Huron at Sunrise as you are looking north east and on the right looking north you can see a freighter heading south through th
e ice about to enter the River St Clair. 

Feb 2 2015 we left in the middle of the night to fly from Detroit to Guatemala. Because of a delay in take off we missed our                 connection at Fort Lauderdale. As a result  we spent an extra day in the warm before heading on to Guatemala to reunite with       Tundra.

                For a description of our time in Guatemala please go to 
page       W Carib RECENT

April 15 2015 we returned home to Canada to spring. Our crab apple tree was in full bloom as you can see in the photo below.


                                                        Our Crab
            Apple Tree in Bloom May 2015



            Madi & Barrett walk together down the isle at wedding

June 27th 2015 Madi , Barrett, Courtney and Greg arrive Detroit to celebrate Jamie and Angie Kirby’s wedding July 4. Madi and Barrett were flower girl and ring bearer

                                               2015 The entire Kirby Wedding Party


                                                       Above the Entire Kirby Wedding Party


                                       2015 Marsh Kirby Family with Aleta

        Great Grandmother Aleta poses with the Kirby Family on Aleta's Perch  before Greg and Courtney depart Home

Sunday July 5th Courtney and Greg flew home. Madi and Barrett stayed in Ontario and took their morning sail training at SYC. The rest of their time was spent swimming,tubing,collecting rocks, doing crafts and just having fun. The summer had a late start so Lake Huron was late in warming up.

                                            Barrett and McGrath Children
              climb our Old Maple

Barrett and the McGrath Boys climb our Old Maple Tree and below Madi and Kyler camp out in our front yard


                                                   2015 Madi and friend Skyler camp out in out
        front yard

                                                                                     Madi and friend Skyler camp out in our front yard               

                                                    2015 Mackinnac race Day Barrett and Madi Jump off Katalinas


            On Mackinac Race Day  Madi and Barrett jump off Katalina's LEGEND into the cool waters of Lake Huron


2015 Madi &
                      Kathy prepare the fish tank

                                    Kathy and Madi prepare a new home for Blackie the fish using their skillful art talents

Tuesday July 21st  2015  Madi gets her first pet fish “Blackie” the Beta fish. Unfortunately Blackie’s life was shortened as a result of an unpredictable jump and fell through the cracks of the deck. Barrett and Brian almost saved him but Blackie slipped through their hands. A suitable memorial service was held and the it was off to Pets Galore for Zippy, Blackie’s replacement.

Monday July 27 Madi and Barrett flew home with Zippy left behind here in Sarnia entrusted care to their Aunt Jodie.

July 29th 2015 Marked Rod’s 45th birthday.

August was truly the beginning of normal summer weather here and time was spent entertaining on Wed evenings watching the sailboat races from “Aleta’s Perch” In august we took BIG White our RV to Tillsonberg traveling along with friends Murray and Heather to Murray’s brother’s farm for a Run Way Party. Interesting having guests visit us in their airplanes.  A view of the runway at the Rand farm to the right with Murray and Heather's camper facing the run way and our camper "Big White" showing her stern with top up. Below left is a few of the gang enjoying a pot luck breakfast. 

                                2015 Runway
      Campout Gang Relaxes    2015 The
      Runway at the Campout

                                                                                                    2015 Air plane Visits Runway Campout


                                         2015 A White Heron hunts in Lake

The rest of the month was spent honeymooning at Beacon Court where August 19th we quietly celebrated our 49thwith a walk through Canatara Park for lunch at Bridgeview Marina. Above is a view of a large white heron having lunch in Lake Chipigan. Next year is the big one!

                            2015 John & Eleanor cut their cake at their 50th

Friday August 27th we were off to BC to celebrate John and Eleanor’s 50th on Aug 28th at Galliano Island. A good time was had by all. John cuts the cake at their party held at a lodge on Galiano  Island while Eleanor supervises.

                                                    2015 Johnny John Kathy Brian Hike on
      Galiano Is

                            Brian, Kathy, Johnny (Kathy's brother) and John pose on our hike while Eleanor snaps the photo.

                                    2015 Kathy at
          Parade Bohen Island Day

We spent overnight  on Bowen Island with Rod and Family. Bowen Island Day was happening during our stay on Bowen. We enjoyed the parade and all the events surrounding it as you can see by the  photos above and below.

    2015 Brian Kathy Rod at Bowen Island Parade
                                            2015 Titania
          & Rod at Bowen Is in Titanias Display

                    Above Titania and Rod in the display tent. Here Titania and friend artist were doing face paintings for the kids

                                    2015 Rod Barrett and Madi
          are on the Trampoline

The rest of the time in BC we spent at N Delta and a final weekend at Greg and Courtney’s cabin on St Vincent’s Bay. Rod and Family also joined us there.

A trip to the sunshine coast to St Vincents Bay for a weekend was full of Activity with a few photos below.

2015 Activity on the St Vincents Bay Dock
                                                                                                                            2015 St Vnicents Bay Courtney &
      Kids in Tin Boat

    2015 Titania and Courtney on the Cabin
      St Vincents Bay Beach Party

            The tabel is set at St Vincents Bay
                                                          2015 Barrett and Wilde kabbits at St Vincents Bay

                                                                    Wilde and Barrett relax above at St Vincents Bay

      St Vincents Bay with the Family all together

                                                                    ABOVE 6T7 DENTAL HYGIENIST GRADUATES CELEBRATE THEIR 50TH REUNION

                                        2015 Huntsville Fall

Tuesday Sept 18th saw us on the way home to Ontario. After a rest we decided on a trip to a camp north of Huntsville to satisfy our lure north. With Katalina’s Legend in tow we arrived to cool but sunny weather. The fall colours did not disappoint us. Here we spent a few days exploring four different inland lakes around the Huntsville area.

                                                            2015 Huntsville Campsite

                                                                                                            OUR CAMPSITE ABOVE

                                                            2015 The sun sets over our Huntsville Campsite

                                                                                        THE SUN SETS OVER OUR CAMPSITE

                            2015 Loon Lake view at Terry and Sandys Home

We finished the trip visiting yachting friends’ Terry and Sandra who reside on beautiful Loon Lake located near the border of Algonquin Park. My 72nd was celebrated here on Oct 1st. On our return we stopped at Tiny Beaches overnight for a visit with Rod and Marcia who are other cruising friends we met down south.

                                                        2015 Fall Colour
        and a stream in Algonquin Park

                                                              FALL COLOURS IN ALGONQUIN PARKS

                                2015 Kaley
            and Kathy on the Bluffs Scarborough

Friday Oct 8th 2015 saw us off to Scarborough to visit Brother Ron and family for thanksgiving. On our way home we visited Joan Kennedy and family for a second thanksgiving dinner. On the 12th we returned home ready to diet.

2015 Thanksgiving dinner in Scarborough

                                                    2015 A view of the Scarborough Bluffs

                                            A view of Scarborough Bluffs on Thanksgiving Day 2015

Tuesday Dec 15th
we departed for British Columbia to spend 2 weeks over Christmas to return home Dec 29th

    2015 Xmas Eve Dinner on Bowen Island

                                                                    2015 Xmas Boxing
      Day Dinner at N Delta

                           Above  Christmas Dinner on Christmas Eve at Bowen and below that Christmas Dinner on Boxing Day in N Delta

                                                 2015 On Galiano Is Kathy & Eleanor in Eleanors Art

                Kathy and Eleanor pose in Eleanor's studio on Galiano Island where we visited soon after our arrival to BC

    Dec 29th
2015 we had a view of the peak of Mount Baker located in  Washington State as we ascended over the clouds flying home

                                                           2015 A view
      of Mount Baker Washinghton from the plane

                                                                              A NEW YEAR SOON BEGINS IN 2016

Jan  27 2007