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January 2017

  2017 Migrating Ducks resting early January in front of
          Beacon Court  2017 Ducks still migrating South in February           

On the left above in the early morning we are looking out in the lake and we see ducks confused  about going south or north and on Feb 2nd above right they are still in a quandary about which direction to go.

Kathy and I are home in Canada doing Doctors appointments and awaiting Kathy's symptoms from her bout with shingles to abate before heading south to our boat in the Rio Dulce. Things are improving so we head back to the Rio Dulce March 1 to visit Tundra.

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 April 26 2017 We arrived home of mixed emotions of both sad and happy as we had sold our sailboat "TUNDRA" having owned her for 40 years. But it was time for us to move onto a different chapter in our lives. We will always treasure the great memories of the time that we had spent and cruised aboard her. She was to be renamed "ODIN" by her new owner.

May 5th we attended my 50th class reunion in Toronto held on the University campus in front of Convocation Hall. Below some photos of the event

       2017 May 5 Brian
        and a few classmates at 50th reunion   Brian
        and 6T7 u of T Classmates

                                    Photos above are two photos that show some of my classmates


        Brian uoft Presidents               2017
        Brian in front of Hart House

June 2nd saw us back in Toronto as we attended my 50th reunion of my graduation from the University of Toronto. Kathy had her turn last year. this year it was my turn to have a picture with the president. It was a great event to be surely remembered. Above left I receive my 50 Year pin. On the left of the photo is the president of the Alumni Association and the on the rightof me  the president of the UofT On the right I am standing in front of Hart house. Much time was spent here by Dental students as it was basically a gathering and eating place for many  those at UofT that did not reside in college residences.

                                           2017 6T7 Clas
        Faculty of Dentistry                                    

  Above  photo of the 6T7 1963 PreDental  Class of Dentistry with Brian  and his classmates.We were attending my 50th Class Reunion held at UofT's Alumni Building. You might be able to spot me four rows down from the top on the extreme left on the photo. 

                                                2017 Brian
        & Kathy enjoy lunch in the tent beside Convocation Hall

  Above is both of us in the tent where a lunch was served in front of Convocation Hall just after the ceremony.

   2017 We had an outing to the Maundaumin Preservation
        Conservation Area   2017
        We encounter a pink Trillium Flower in the Maundaumin Cons Area

June 14th Above was a walk with the Wild Life Club in one off our local Mandaumin Preservation Area of indigenous plants. On the right above we came across a relatively rare pink trillium.

   2017 A
        performance at the Blyth Barn Dance     2017 our campsite at the Blyth Barn dance

                            June 28th saw us at the Barn Dance in Blyth Ontario

   2017 Allison and Gary atParadeJuly1    2017 A party folows the parade at Beacon Court

            July 1st 2017 was celebrated with a visit by Gary and Allison with a neighbourhood party after the parade.

July 5th was a Car Club get together at the Clysdale's.

  2017 We ferried the judges around the course for the SYC
          Sailfest      2017 Kathy poses in July among a patch of Tiger Lilies

   2017 Kathy relaxes on our meditation perch    2017 our lakeside roughage shows off itself in summer

July 8th
Above left we volunteered to ferry the judges around at the SYC annual Sailfest. The summer in July produced a good crop of Tiger Lilies and summer bloom as you can see.

   2017 Brian and his early step and break wall
          construction      2017 Kathy views early break wall construction

    By mid July our steps and break wall were well into the beginning of construction. A project that lasted well into late Fall.

July 16 2017 was the Arnold reunion
held at Cathcart Park  located on the St Clair River.

   2017 One of the larger Mackinac boats vies for position at
        the beginning     2015 One of the more unusual Mackinac boats prepares

                            July 22nd we powered out to see the start of the annual Mackinac Sailboat race 

  2017 Brian & Art Marsh at Jon's Memorial    2017 Art with some of his friends and Relatives

  2017 Brian Jane Sheila& Lois at Beacon Court    2017 Murray & Heather stop for a visit with us

July 28th afforded a visit by Art & Sheila Marsh for a memorial for their son Jon  and a visit with family. Murray & Heather paid us a visit at the same time.

                    2017 Aug 6 Sea Wall Construction

                                                Aug 6 My Seawall construction was well under way

 2017 Lampton Wilde Life Club outing to a private home in
        Sarnia  2017 WLF Outinging in Aug at Indigenous Back Yard Garden

Aug 10th was another evening outing with the Lambton Wilde Life Club to a private home to view their Indigenous Garden.

        August 22nd we departed in Big White with boat in tow for our annual camp out in Killarney at Roques Marina.

 2017 Our campsie at Roques Marina Killarney    2017 Covered Portage Anchorage in Killarney Bay

    Our campsite at Roques Marina and Campground  and a view of Covered Portage Cove Anchorage just off of Killarney Bay

  2017 The Evinrude Cottage at the Pool in Bay Finn    2017 Kathy Bob&Sandra Parr at Herbert Fisheries

Above the old Evinrude Cottage
located at the Pool  in Bay Finn.and also are Kathy; Bob and Sandra, old friends from Parry Sound who drove up and had lunch with us. The best Fish and Chips in Ontario are found here.

                                                            2017 Kathy poses with Bruce the Moose encountered on our
        bike ride

                                                    On one of our bike rides we came across Bruce the Moose

     2017 Steam Shovel in action at the Steam Threshers Reunion  2017 A Steam Driven Tractor Parading at the Blyth Steam
        Threshers Reunion

                  September 9th 2017 we were again back to Blyth for it's annual Threshers Reunion

    2017 Car Club Outing Brian with Mr Erickson in his classic
        car Garage   2017 Car Club Outing A valuabe Classic Car in Erickson's

September 20th took us on another Car Club tour where one point of interest was at the Erickson's. What a collection of antique and classic cars.

2017 Wendy celebrates her 70th with her family     2017 Wendys 70th with Family and Spouses

   2017 Ron at Wendy's 70th in Scarborough  2017 Ron and Nick at Wendy's 70th Birthday Celebration

Oct 1st we celebrated Birthdays in Scarborough. Both Wendy and I have our birthdays on Oct 1st.

Oct 8th was my last swim in the lake.

Oct 20th shows my wall construction

 2017 Beach wall after Nov 11th storm  2017 Beacon Ct Beach Wall after NOV 11TH STORM

                                          Nov 11th shows the wall after a November wind storm and freezing temperatures.

Dec 9th we celebrated a few 80th birthdays in Sarnia. Brother Ron was the main participant. A great time had by all!!

  2017 Ron at his 80th with Bria and Kayley     2017
        Ron and family pictured at his 80th Birthday Celebration

                    Ron with Kayley and Friend and with the whole  Family at Beacon Court at his 80th Birthday Celebration

2017 Ron with the others soon to be 80 as well    2017 Bob Marsh sings with Joanne Clysdale on the piano

     Above the most recent 80 year olds and those about to be 80.   Bob Marsh sings Climb every mountain with Joanne on the piano

Dec 14th 2017 we departed for Vancouver for Xmas to spend two weeks with Family.

After our arrival we spent time  first on  Bowen Island with Rod, Titania and Wilde
  2017 Wilde Titania and Rod shows their hospitality   2017 Rod at home shows us one of his streches

  It was
then on to Galiano Island to spend time with John and Eleanor. Galiano Island is one of our favourite places in BC.You can see why after viewing a few photos taken during our stay there.

  2017 View on Galiano from Bluffers Park  2017 Kathy John Eleanor on beach at Montague Harbour

2017 Kathy stands by an unusual sculpture at Montegue HBR
        on Galiano  2017 Brian & Eleanor on hike around Montague HBR

   2017 Eleanor John & Kathy on Bluffers Park Galiano    2017 John prepares a fish for dinner on Galiano Island                                                              

Then it was on to North Delta for the remainder of our stay to be spent with Greg and Courtney and their family and
to view Madi's ringette games, Barrett's diving and a school  Christmas concert involving both Madi and Barrett.

                                                        2017 barrett with his class singing in the School Xmas

                                                        Barrett's Class Choir sing in the 2017 School Christmas Concert
 2017 Madi Plays the Trumphet in her School Band   2017 Barrett sings with his Choir at the School Xmas

                Madi with her trumpet play in the Xmas Concert and Barrett sings with his class choir

 2017 Madi moves in on goal in a Ringette game   2017 Madi number 10 moves away from the goal after a score

    Madi #10 moves in on the goal to score in her Ringette Game and then calmly skates away in victory

  2017 The Delta in House Band performs  2017 At Vista Place Kathy Madi Barrett play Monopoly

            At Delta Place we have of course the Delta Place in House Band and often a game of Monopoly

                Soon after it was Christmas Eve spent at Rod and Titania's on Bowen Island  .

 2017 Christmas Eve on Bohen there was a session of Origami
        with Kye  2017 Christmas Eve on Bohen Courtney & rod

                                    2017 Dinner on Bohen Christmas Eve with Dinner Guests

                                                    Christmas Eve Dinner on Bowen Island 2017

    This was followed by Christmas day at Delta.
                                 2017 Christmas day at Delta we pose in our new PJS
                                        On Christmas Day Morning in Delta we show off our pajamas

                                  The super party was held the next day on Christmas Boxing Day in Delta

        2017 Greg & Titania at Boxing Day Dinner in Delta 2017 Boxing Day Dinner being prepared with Kathy &
        Courtney at workay 

       2017 Rod & Brian at Boxing Day Dinner at Vista Place   2017 Kathy & Johnny at Boxing Day Dinner

                                  2017 The whole gang seated for Boxing Day Dinner at Vista

Above you see the whole gang of relatives friends and Neighbours gathered for a superb turkey Boxing Day Dinner at Vista Place in Delta BC

We departed back to Ontario on the 28th 2017. With flight delays we arrived home more than 2 days later and our bags arrived 2 days after our arrival home.

2017 New Years Eve was spent by us at SYC with Border Line a great local band providing great dancing music well into the new year. Courtney and family went to their Cabin on the Sunshine Coast and from there to Comox for Courtney's Birthday and Doug's 50th Birthday on New Years Eve. Titania and Rod spent the evening at home while Wile did their local street party.

            Below is a photo taken by an overhead drone that shows C&G's Cabin located on the Sunshine Coast

                                        2017 An aerial view taken by a drone of C&G's cabin on
        the Sunshine Coast

                                        And thus we see the end of 2017 and we move onto another year 2018

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