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January 1st 2018 began in the deep Freeze with far below average temperature levels. As a result the lake started to freeze much earlier than normal . As you can see in the Photos below

  2018 RE kathy stands in the snowy rougage jJan 2   2018 Jan 4 a Lake Freighter makes it's way north through
        the ice

     Kathy stands on the snowy bank Jan 2 2018 and  to the right a Lake Freighter on Jan 4th makes it's way north through the channel.

                                   Below are more photos showing how the year 2018 winter on the lake progresses.

2018 Jan
        29 Lake Huron Winter Wind Storm  2018 Jan 30 Lake Huron Shoreline Looking to the East

Above Jan 29 2018 shows a typical LH winter storm  and Jan 30th the next day you see the beach ice while looking east.

2018 Jan 30 Kathy's Winter Garden from the outside looking
        in   2018 Feb 3 Canadian Ice Breaker clearing the Channel

Above Jan 30th you view Kathy's winter garden through our back window and on Feb 3 you see  one of our Canadian Ice Breakers clearing the channel of ice as it plows south towards the St. Claire River to help clear an ice jam further down River.

2018 Feb 8 Brian uses his new Snow Blower   Feb 14 Lake Huron winter view of beach looking west

Feb 8th Brian is in action with his new snow blower and on Feb 14 the view above is of the beach looking west.

2018 Feb 27 you see my beakwall constructed last year
        covered in ice   2018 Feb 27 a view of our front lawn with the grass

Feb 27th above is the new break wall I constructed last year mostly ice covered and on the same day (Feb 27th) the photo shows our front lawn that is showing its exposed green grass.

May 13 Courtney  stopped for a visit for the weekend during a business trip
in Ottawa for her employer BC Hydro

                                        2018 Beacon Court Courtney Kathy at Reid Conservation Area

        Kathy and Courtney pose at sign for the Reid Conservation Area where we did a spring hike with the LWI conservation Group

On May the 24th we attended the annual  Blyth Barn Dance

        Blyth Barn Dance Jamming at the Campsite

                                    Above we are seen during some Jamming at our campsite

June 20 saw us on a Car Club Car Tour

                                    And below  beautiful  June Sunset as viewed from our beach

                                        2018 Beacon Court and a June Sunset

On July 4th the Car Club attended an annual  barbecue
on the river hosted by members Earl and Joanne Clysdale.

                                    2018 Car Club Barbecue held at the Clysdales

                                        Some of the cars are pictured above at the Barbecue

July 7  During a visit
with Bob and Jane at their cottage on Stag Island we had the fortunate privilege to attend a performance by Chris Hadfield's Band that was composed of himself and a few of his astronaut friends. This was a private performance for his friends and neighbours on the Island. GREAT MUSIC AND GREAT FUN !

                                            2018 Stag Island and Chris Hadfield's Band Performing

                    The Band performs above with Chris in the Background. Missing in this photo was his guitar player.

July 14 saw the annual Mackinac Sailboat Race

                                                                    2018 Mackinac
        Race with Kathy on the stern of Katalina's Legend

                                    Kathy views the race from the stern of "KATALINA'S LEGEND"

July 16 Madi arrives for a 10 day visit and the next day
July 17th saw us on a Car Club Tour to Grand Bend for lunch and theater.

                                                       2018 Car Tour Madi acompanies us on the Grand Bend Tour 

                        Madi & Kathy at Huron House Playhouse Grand Bend during a Car Club summer tour.

                                     2018 Beacon Ct Madi trys out our old wind surfer as a
        paddle board

Madi trys out our old wind surfer as a paddle board. She masters it well but not so for her grandfather as shown below.

                                        2018 Beacon Court madi Watches on as her Grandfather trys
        unsuccessfully with the board

Aug 3 we attended the annual camp out at the Brigden Country Jamboree. here we spent a couple of days camped out with friends for the weekend.

Aug 16th we camped out at the Rand farm near Woodstock for their annual Runway Camp Out.

                                        2018 Run Way Campout with Brian and an airplane visitor

                                                            This airplane stopped in for a visit.

During the sailing season every Wednesday evening we view the PHYC and SYC club race with the sailboats as viewed from from our front yard.

                                        2018 Beacon Court Wed eve sailboat race in August

                                            Here a sailboat under spinnaker approaches the beach.

Aug 21 we departed
with boat in tow for our annual excursion to Killarney.

                                            2018 Killarney Coverd Portage Brian & Kathy
                                Kathy and I aboard Katalina's Legend anchored in Covered Portage 

        Killarney Covered Portage Scene in anchorage                                                          2018 Killarney Covered Portage otter swims around boat

Boat anchored at Covered Portage anchorage and an otter swims around our boat and is determined to try and board us.

Sept 7th Saw us at the annual Threshers Reunion held at Blyth Ontario.

                                        2018 Blyth Threshers Reunion with Kathy and Lamas

                                                                    Kathy and the Lamas have a meeting.

                                        2018 Blyth Threshers Reunion steam threshing display.

                            Here we see of how excavation was done back in the days of steam power.

Sept 25th John & Eleanor Arrive

  2018 Petrolia Brian & John with Theater Sign    2018 Petrolia after performance the actor greeting line

                    We attend the Petrolia Victoria Play House presentation and greet the actors after

                                                2018 Petrolia Kathy and Eleanor play with Halloween

                                        Kathy and Eleanor enjoying some of the Petrolia Halloween Decorations

During their stay we took a day trip to the art gallery in Kleinburg where we also met Ron & Wendy along with Kaley for lunch and a duo birthday celebration.

        Blenheim Art Gallery Kathy & Eleanor pose

                                                         Eleanor and Kathy inside the art gallery in Blenheim

Oct 17th Kathy and I organized the final Car Tour for the year 2018. This colour tour took us  to Walpole Island, lunch in Walaceburg and then onto Florence for ice cream.

                                John and Eleanor also joined us on the Fall Colour Car Tour to Walpole Island

                                                    2018 Car Club Car Tour Walpole Eleanor with the 69 Merc
        while refueling

                Eleanor is beside the 69 Mercury graciously lent to us by Earl and Joanne for the Car Club Tour

                                                        2018 Car Tour Walpole shows us at a stop at a fruit stand

                                                              Above  we stop at a fruit stand for apples etc.

                                                        2018 car Club Walpole the Cars follow us behind                              

                                                              Car Club Cars follow us behind as we were the lead car.

                                                       2018 Car Club Walpole stop sign

                                                                        On Walpole Island this sign means Stop!

2018 Update Sea Wall Construction continues as shown below.

  2018 Beacon Court Waterfront and Seawall   2018 Beacon Court Kathy shows off flowers on the seawall

View of the beach as taken from Katalina's Legend and later Kathy shows off her Wall Garden with Tiger Lilies in bloom.

                                                    2018 Beacon Court B&K Break wall Construction

Oct 10th Kathy has her last swim in Lake Huron off the Mike Weir Park Beach along with Betty Smith.

                                2018 Beacon Court Kathy swims off Mike Weir Park Beach

                                                                      Gardening for 2018

        Beacon Court Geraniums 2018 Beacon Court Purple Flower bloom at our curbside

Nov 4 We do a LWI Tree Walk at the Lorne Henderson Conservation Area in Petrolia.

        This fall I fabricated and installed two more Car Port Windows to keep more of the winter weather out.

                                            2018 Beacon Court New Car Port Windows

                                                            Halloween and Fall Colour on Christina St. Below

 2018 Beacon Court Halloween Trick or Treat     2018 Beacon Court Fall Colours on N Christina ST

                We  had
only12 Trick or Treaters visit us at the door as a result candy was left over. :-)

                                                    2018 Beacon Court we have colourfull poison Ivy on
        Charleswoth Lane

                        On one of our walks to Canatara Park we spot some colourful Poison Ivy along Charlesworth lane.

Dec 17th we fly out of Sarnia for our annual Christmas Visit with family in British Columbia. The flight was uneventful except for one waylaid bag that caught up to us a few days later. A few photos follow showing the highlights of our stay in the Vancouver area.

  2018 Xmas BC with Barrett in Concert   2018 Xmas BC Famiky attend a Madi Ringette Game

Upon our arrival, the next day we attend the Christmas Concert at Barrett's school as you can see above his grade 6 class is performing. The next few days involved ringette games a visit to Bowen Island with Rod, Titania and Wilde.

                     2018 Xmas BC Madi & Courtney ready to compete against
        each other at Ringette           2018 Xmas BC Madi shows us her snowboard equipment
Courtney and Madi show up for their ringette game in their equipment, They competed in a game against their team and Courtney's team that was made up of
their parents. The kids beat the parents 8 to 4 in the final score.  

            2018 Xmas BC We do a Christmas Eve hike in the park     2018 Xmas BC Kathy poses in front of R&T home on

We were back to Bowen Island for Christmas Eve. Here we take a hike in the park located next to the R&T family home. Above as well, Kathy poses in front of their Melrose Avenue home.

                                                2018 Xmas BC We enjoy a Xmas Eve Dinner prepared by

Here we are seated for a polish style Christmas Eve Dinner that was mainly prepared for by Titania. Delicious it was!! Missing in the photo was our photographer Kathy.

                            BC Xmas Christmas Lights at church after dinner

After dinner on Christmas Eve we went for a family walk in the neighbour hood to view the lights. The most impressive lights were at one of the local churches.

                                            2018 Xmas BC We are seated at The Kirby Family for our
        Boxing Day Dinner at their home

                    Boxing Day we dine again at the Kirby Home for yet another festive dinner of turkey.

            2018 Xmas BC Greg and friend work insulating his new hot
        tub for the cabin            2018 Xmas BC Greg arrives home with the family hot tub
        insulated and loaded

Greg works the day after with a friend on his family Christmas present, which was a hot tub
for their cabin located on St Vincent Bay. It is powered by wood for heat. You can see that it looked rather curious to bystanders when loaded on his truck.

Dec 26 2018 we depart for home looking forward to our New Years Party at the Sarnia Yacht Club


                                                    2018 Beacon Ct BK XMAS GREETINGS

            After a fun New Years Party with our favourite local band "BORDERLINE" we begin a new year.

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