2019 Jan 1 Lake Huron View

                                    SOUTHERN LAKE HURON AS VIEWED ON JANUARY 1 2019

 2019 BCt Lake Huron looking NW  2019 BCt Lake Huron Jan 14th Looking East 


    2019 BCt Lake Huron Jan 20 looking West  2019 BCt Lake Huron looking East Jan 20


   2019 BCt Snow Blowing Jan 20  2019 JAN 22nd Kathy on a Beach Ice Dune


                2019 February 14 we saw the barometer drop to its lowest ever seen in recent memory that resulted in a severe wind storm

                                                            2019 Feb 14 the barometer makes a severe drop

                                                                        Below are a couple of photos taken during the storm

     2019 Feb wind storm as viewed from the cement stairs  2019 March 22 Storm LH West

The second Sunday of every month we like to attend the Brigden Country Jamboree held at the Brigden Fair Grounds between the months of October and May. There are several other similar events held throughout the county especially during the winter as well. On Feb20th we attended one at the Petrolia Legion. Fun was had by all as you can see in the photo below as Kathy and I pose with the chief band leader and musician Kenny Jay

                                                            2019 Kathy and I pose with Kenny Jay at the Petrolia
            Country Jamboree

        On March 26 2019 Greg made  a short visit to Sarnia to have a visit wit his ill Uncle Tom Whiting. He managed a short visit with us as well.

                                                                                    2019 Greg made a short visit to Sarnia to visit his ill
            Uncle Tom Whiting

                                                                                                                    Greg and Kathy

                                                                                  2019 April 14 A chipmunk does his antics on our bird

                                                                                                 April 14 A chipmunk inspects the bird feeder

On the weekend of June 14 we attended the 36th Annual Bluegrass Festival at Tottenham Ontario with our friends Murray and Heather. A very good time was had as we were treated royally as VIP attenders.

My cousin Art Marsh passed away earlier in the year and on July 6 a memorial and celebration of his life was held in Corunna. It was a great tribute to a great man and the celebration provided us with a great reunion of friends and family. Below is a photo of the Clysdale family.

                                                           2019 The Erale Clysdale Family at the Art Marsh

                                                                    2019 May 11 the Christmas Cactus was in full bloom

                                                                                            May 11th saw the Christmas Cactus in full Bloom

                                                                    2019 July A robin takes over the front deck to raise
            her family  

                                             2019 July 19th found Brian & Ron working on the retaining wall with Kathy delivering our materials

    2019 July 19th Saw Brian & Ron Holmes working on
            the Retaining Wall   2019 Kathy pushing the card bringing our materials

2019 August 10 we again attended the annual Runway Camp Out held on the Rand Farm located near Woodstock Ontario. Here we pose with Georges Classic Car which we had the pleasure to try out on one of his airplane runways. What a machine!!

   2019 At the annual Run Way Campout we tried out Georges
            Classic car   2019 Aug 10th Our campsite for the Run Way Campout at
            the Rand Farm

During the year we attended  a few of the Car Club Timmy Tours that occurred each month during the good weather. On Aug 12th Madi and Barrett arrived for a two week visit and we able to do a Timmy Tour with us. (The tour was called a Timmy Tour since they always originated at a Tim Horton's) Below are a few photos of their visit with us.

         2019 We pose with the Fords on one of the tours                 2019 Madi & barrett ride in John Smith's 29 Chev

                                     Madi and Barrett go on a Timmy Tour with us and enjoy the many classic cars.

 2019 Kathy Madi barrett show off their art work shirts
            etc.  2019 Barrett shows us his cement treasure find

                    Showing off some artwork and Barrett brings a cement treasure he found in the lake the lake

 2019 Boats anchored out for Kirby Beach Party     2019 Madi & Barrett ride the waves during a north

                                            The boats anchored for a beach party and Madi and Barrett ride the waves a few days later

2019 Madi Rides a wave  2019 Madi rides on top a wave

                                                        2019 Aug 21 Barrett and Grampa working on the Wall   

                                                                            Barrett and Brian work on the retaining wall

                Aug 13th Courtney  & Greg arrive for Tom's Memorial

 2019 The Kirby Family pose during their visit  2019 aUG 23 Madi is shadowed in the sunset

                                                    Above the Kirby Family and Madi silhouetted in the Lake Huron Sunset 

                                                On Aug 26th C&G and Madi and Barrett depart back home to N. Delta BC

                 2019 Aug 27th the Brown Eye Susans were in full bloom    2019 Kathy the chief gardener

                                                   August saw the Brown Eye Susans in bloom thanks to the master gardener

                                                                    Sept 7 Saw us at the Steam Threshers Reunion at Blyth

                                                             2019 Sept at the Steam Threshers reunion a farmer
            demonstates the harvesting of Potatoes

                            Above a farmer demonstrates how potatoes are harvested using antique machinery at the Threshers reunion

                                                                        Sept 12th John & Eleanor arrive and visited till Sept 20th

                                                                      2019 we go for a boat ride with John & Eleanor

                                                                                 Sept 18 attended VPH  in Petroliafor Hogan and Friends a musical

  2019 A play at the VPH in Petrolia Kathy & Eleanor
            dawn faces    2019 at the VPH brian & John try on the faces

                                                    OCT 1 was birthday time for Wendy and I so a visit to Sarnia by them was enjoyed

                                                                       2019 Oct 1 Ron & Wendy by the Maple Tree at
            Birthday time 

        2019 We celebrated several 80th and 80th plus birthday parties such as Earle  Clysdale, Bob Farrar,  Gayle Wolfe and also our neighbours 65th

                                                        2019 Oct 13 The Clysdale family at Eare's Birthday

                                                     Oct 13 2019    Above is the Clysdale family gathered at Earle's 90th Birthday Party

                                             2019 Nov 12 Rod & Titania Arrive after a freak Nov major snowfall. Nov 14 Rod departed

    2019 Our neighbours tree encased in ice from the lake
            spray  2019 Rod & Titania peek through the ice
                                                    Nov 13 the neighbour's tree is encased in ice from the freezing spray coming from the lake

        2019 Nov 14 Kathy and Titania in the snow                     2019 Rod & Titania pose in front of the garage
            winter scene

                                                                            Nov 12 and the Dahlias were still blooming

                                                     2019 Nov 12 The Dahlias were still blooming

                  Nov 14th Kathy & Titania inspecting the wall and Rod & Kathy under the snowy roof of the garage.

2019 Nov 22 the mushrooms were blooming    2019 Nov 19 Kathy collecting pumpkins for compost

                            Nov 22 the mushrooms decided to bloom and Kathy collects pumpkins to compost for her gardens

After Rod drove Titania to Ottawa to visit with her Family Rod returned in a few days to visit with us until he returned home on Nov 24

  2019 The In House Band in full swing Rod Kathy Brian    2019 Rod strums the guitar

                                                                                Above is the Beacon Court In House Band in action

2019 Rod & Kathy pose by the old Maple     

                                                                                                    A very old tree in our back yard

     2019 Dec A Snowy White Owl arrives for a visit for the
            day     2019 Dec 4 A Snowy White Owl perches in our roughage on
            a tile pedistle

                                2019 Dec 4 A Snowy White Owl visits us for a day of rest after a long flight from the North Country

                                On Dec 16th We depart from the London Airport for Xmas out West and to return home Dec 29th.

         2019 Central United Church Xmas Card

Above is a photo at the Sanctuary of Central United Church the church that Kathy and I have attended for years and is due to close in November 2020.

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