Jan 1 2020 begins with little to no snow on the ground as you can see in the two photos below there is also no ice in the lake.

   2020 A view of Beach looking East      2020 Jan 1 A View of the Beach Looking West

   2020 Jan 9 Our East neighbour's Iced Tree      2020 Jan 12 Kathy and Ice on the East

Jan 9th and 11th shows ice formation on our neighbors tree and rough shrubbery beside Kathy. This happens when we have a North Blow with
freezing temperature that produces waves that create spray in the air that lands on shore  and freezes on the shore vegetation.

   2020 Jan 17 Kathy and more ice to the East      2020 Jan 20 Our Iced Beach Looking North

Jan 17 Kathy poses again with yet more ice forming and to her right on Jan 20 show a north view with more ice formation.

    2020 Jan 25
        Kathy on beach with ice    Jan 25 Wooden stairs encased in ice

                Kathy poses in our ice field Jan 25 and a closeup view of our wooden staircase encased in ice.

            2020 Jan 25 Brian by the staircase    2020
        Feb 13 Amaryllis about to bloom

           Jan 25th  Brian stands by our cement staircase.                                             
On Feb 13th our Amaryllis is beginning to bloom.


    2020 Feb 3 Trailer full of rocks Inland Aggregate        2020
        Feb 24 Our Amaryllis in full bloom

    Feb 3rd shows our borrowed trailer full of large aggregate from Inland Aggregate, a close by Quarry near Arkona. 
Feb 24th Our Amaryllis  shows itself in full bloom.

    2020 BCt Kathy poses at Thankyou Sign for 1st line workers    2020 Kathyposes at the maundaumin Woodland Nature Reserve

April 26 Kathy has  made her own sign to thank the Front Line Workers during the  Covid 19 Pandemic. In May we visited the Mandaumin Woods Nature Reserve. After our walk through the woods we found our car with a dead battery, and since it was on Good Friday fortunately CAA came to our rescue. But, unfortunately because of Covid we could not get ride with the driver so here we were stranded in the woods, far from home. Thank God with our cellphone we were able to get a taxi driver to come to our rescue. An expensive taxi ride followed by a big tip.  :-)

                                                              2020 Mandaumin Highlander gets towed   

   2020 A nice day for a bike ride with Kathy under the
        bridge   2020 BCt Pansies arrived on our doorstep a gift from
        friends John & Betty

June 6th was a good day for a bike ride under the bridge. Upon returning we found some nice pansies on our back patio table. We later found out they were a gift from our good friends John & Betty.

 2020 June gave us some beautiful Beacon Court sunsets   2020
        BCt Brian enjoys a July day on Aleta's Perch

June provided us with a few beautiful sunsets and July was a good time to relax on Aleta's Perch

     2020 BCt Our kettle rock and statue by the perch    BCt A view of the beach from the water

July 1st shows a view of our eroded beach from the boat. Also is a view of our Perch Garden showing our kettle rock and coconut statue brought from Hawaii trip in 1969

                                                     BCt August wind storm takes down a couple of trees

                        An August 8th wind storm destroyed a couple of our neighbours trees. .

    2020 BCt Catapillar about to become a Monarch Butterfly   2020 BCt Brian Oct 1 on his Birthday

Aug 6th Here is a caterpillar about to become a Monarch Butterfly seen feeding on one of our milkweed plants. Brian Celebrates his birthday Oct 1.

                                           2020 BCt The November Full moon sets in the West  

                                                      The full moon sets in the west on November 29

                                                        2020 SYC Christmas Levee Kathy on her Birthday

                                      Dec 6th
Kathy's Birthday finds her at the SYC Christmas Levee admiring the Junior sailors Xmas decoration

   2020 BCt Our back door Xmas tree     2020 BCt Our Front Window Xmas Tree

                                               Our two Christmas trees at the back and front windows.

                                          2020 BCt Lake Chipican begins to ice over

                                Dec 22 Lake Chipican is slowly becoming a huge skating rink. OOPS! My finger got in the way :-)

         2020 BCT Kathy under the Crab Apple Tree Xmas Day   2020 BCt Brian beside the Juniper Bush Xmas Day Eve

                        Dec 25th Kathy stands under the crab apple tree and I beside the juniper bush Christmas Day  Eve.                          

                                                       2020 Bct Driveway Lights Xmas Day Eve

                                                                       Beacon Court Driveway lights on Christmas Day Eve

                                                                     2020 Dec 31 Lake Chipican again trys to freeze

                                                                           Dec 31st New Years Eve Lake Chipican tries to freeze

                                                         2020 BCt Brian and Kathy Xmas Selfie


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Updated Dec 31 2020