Jan 1 2021
The year 2021 begins with above average temperatures and as you can see no ice formation on the beach or in the lake.

        2021 BCt Beach Looking West Kathy in Background Jan 1        2021 BCt Beach looking east jan 1

Looking west toward the bridge you can see Kathy and the beach behind. Also  is the eastern view as ice begins to form on the wall but melted away the following day.

                                                2021 BCT Kathy hikes at Brander Park Jan 13

During the Covid 19 Pandemic we isolated ourselves almost entirely except for occasional visits to the  various  store s and outside visits with close friends. We regularly went on daily walks and as seen above is Kathy at Brander Park located down river near Port Lambton on Jan 13th 

   2021 BCT Ice formation on the cement stairs Jan 27  2021 BCT Looking east at ice formations on our wall Jan 27

            Jan 27th As the winter proceeded during North Winds ice began to form on the shoreline forming artistic sculptures.

   2021 BCT Kathy shows her Shepherds pepper that decided to
        grow indoors Jan 29th  2021 BCT A closeup of Kathys Shepherds Pepper Jan 27

            Kathy shows off her sole shepherds pepper that decided it liked to grow indoors as shown on Jan 29

                                                            2021 BCT Brian and the jigsaw puzzle Jan 31

A friend gave us a jigsaw puzzle to do to help pass the time away during the pandemic, Quite a challenge for the both of us. Especially with a few missing pieces as  seen on the corner to the right of my right hand.

                                               2021 BCt Unloading Wall Stone

                                        2021 Feb 11 Unloading Stone for shoreline maintenance

                                               2021 BCt B&K chilly & Ice in back ground March 2

                                                                March 2 Ice on the bushes

                                               2021 BCt Kathy & Brian July 16

                                              July 16 Our Neighbour catches us relaxing on Madi's Beach

             2021 Car Club at Sean Bradshaw's Son's house   2021 Car Club at Lavern and Phylis's House Sept 1

Aug 12 Above our car Club gets together at Jean Bradshaw's Son's Home, Sept 1 we get together at Laverne and Phyllis's Home

                                                2021 BCt Kathy and her Stump Aug 21
                    Aug 21 After some major tree trimming and removal Kathy shows off her new plant stand.
                                                 2021 BCt Kathy on Boat Aug 21
                                                Aug 21 Same day we go for a boat ride

                                        2021 BCt Sunset Aug 25

                                                    Aug 25 A Lake Huron Sunset

                                           2021 BCt B&K Aug 31   

                 Aug 31 Standing in front of some fill for our neighbours shoreline maintenance in progress

                                            2021 BCt Sept 25 Storm took out Neighbours Breakwall

                                        Sept 25 A major wind storm takes out our neighbours seawall

                                            2021 BCt Courtney Kathy Brian on Beach Oct 1

                                           Oct 1 Courtney makes a weekend Birthday Visit

                                             2021 BCt Beach Fire Mad's Beach Oct 1

                                                Oct 1  Birthday Beach fire on Madi's beach

                                            2021 BCt Courtney visits Aunt Noreen Oct 3

                                                        Oct 3 A visit with Aunt Noreen

                                            2021 BCt Sunrise over Sarnia by Kent

                                Oct 10 A sunrise over Sarnia Taken by a friend in his downtown condo

                                          2021 BCt B&K walk through C Park on a Colour Tour
        Selfie Oct 31

                            Oct 31  A selfie taken on a colourful  walk through Canatara Park

    2021 BCt Coulourfull tree on Chriatina St Oct 31   2021 BCt Halloween Visitors Oct 31

            Oct 31 A colourful tree on Christina St and some Halloween visitors at our door Halloween Night

                                            2021 BCt Full Moon Sets over Michigan Nov 19

                                                    Nov 19 The full moon sets over Michigan

                                            2021 BCt 494 gets a new door & bay window Nov 30
                                            Nov 30 We have a new door and bay Window installed

                                            2021 BCt Wild Turkeys on the lawn Dec 9
                                            Dec 9 Some Wild Turkeys stroll across our yard

                                               2021 BCt Wild Turkeys on the fence Dec 0

                                   and perch on the fence enjoying the view. Lucky they are too early for Xmas dinner. :-) 

We were anticipating a Christmas visit from Courtney and family but the pandemic changed that so it looks like a quiet one for us.

                                              2021 BCt Xmas Eve Lights fromhe street

                                                   Our Christmas Eve Lights as seen from the Street

  2021 Kathy on the Beach New Years Eve    2021 BCt Brian on the Beach New Years Eve

                                    On the Beach New Years Eve 2021 waiting for 2022 to begin

                           WE WISH A PROSPEROUS, HEALTHY HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL !!!

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Date Updated Jan 2 2022