2023 BKn Ct Jan 2 Beach looking east   2023 BKn Ct Jan 2 Beach looking West

                      Jan 2 2023 
On the left above is the Beach to looking the East and to the right the beach looking to the West. A mild start to the winter with no ice buildup.

                                    2023 Rod Titania and Wylde

                        Jan 15 2023 
Wylde,Titania and Rod on ferry in BC prior to Wylde leaving to go to Denmark on a student exchange. she was
                                    graciously greeted to Denmark by friend of ours Christian and Barbara Ley

                                                             2023 kathy by Juniper covered in Snow    

                                Jan 22 2023
                                    Kathy poses by our Giant Juniper after a snowfall

                                                         2023 March Visit Noreen Jaoanne Earle 

                                     March 16 2023  
                                        A jamming session with Aunt Noreen and Earle and cousin Joanne Clysdale.

                                                        2023 Kathy and Cardinal Puzzel

                                       March 31 2023
                                        Our winter puzzle project. A gift from friends Howard and Janet Bartlet with a thousand  pieces to be placed.

                                              2023 Sunset over Lake Huron

                                    April 5 2023
                                     Sunset over Lake Huron and Michigan

                                            2023 SEEWATIN under the bridge heading for Kingston

                                    April 26 2023
                                        The antique passenger Vessel SEEWATIN being towed on its way to Kingston to become a museum. This vessel was built in the same
                                         shipyard as the TITANIC and was patterned after her.

                                    2023 6T7 Dents 56th Reunion Toronto     

                                 May 11th 2023
                                    We attended my 6T7 56th Class reunion in Toronto.

              2023 Wendy Ron Scarborough Visit        2023 Brian Ron on the Bluffs

                 After the reunion we had a weekend visit with Brother Ron & Wendy in Scarborough Ontario. We visited a nearby park garden and of course a hike to the Scarborough Bluffs.

        2023 Ron Kathy on the Bluffs      2023 Wendy and Waffels at Kelsonia

        May 12th and 13th
            Above a photo of Ron & Kathy on our hike to the Scarborough Bluffs and of course fine cuisine in Wendy's Kelsonia kitchen.

                                                        2023 Bill and Alice Becker 70th Wedding Anniversary

                            May 28 2023
                                We attended Bill and Alice's 70th Wedding Anniversary in Port Huron. Old amateur radio and sailing friends.

                                                            2023 Paul and Liz Malo vist Beacon Court

                              June 17 2023
                                    We enjoyed a visit with old friends Liz and Paul Malo from Kingston.

                2023 Performers on sstage Tottenham    2023 Tottenham Gang at campsite

            June 24th and 25th
                We attended the TOTTENHAM BLUEGRASS FESTIVAL. We shared the campsite with Murray and Heather Rand and their friends Wayne and Marilyn.

              In Mid July we were out in  BC to attend a Coates family Reunion held at John and Kathy's sister Eleanor's place on Galiano Island BC.

        2023 Brian Rod Kathy Bellhouse Park Galiano    2023 BC Denman Island Peter and Mary

    Rod Kathy and I at Bellhouse Park on Galiano Island where the reunion was held and after a visit to Denman Island with a visit with Kathy's cousin Mary and husband Peter Spurr

               2023 Greg with Prawn hoist at St Vincents Bay    2023 Kathy on Cabin ramp to the dock

    July 22nd weekend we spent at St Vincents Bay where Greg and Courtney have their cabin with Greg and his Prawn Trap Hoist and Kathy on the ramp to their dock.

              2023 Brian and Courtney on boat SVB      2023 Brian Kathy on boat SVB 

                                                                                                                Out for a boat ride

             2023 Greg Rod Madi on boat St Vincents Bay    2023 Madi with crab SVB

      On our way to the Prawn Traps and Madi shows off a crab that ended up in the trap. Son Rod on the guitar Son in law Greg and granddaughter Madi on the wheel.

                                                        2023 Kathy on BC beach KATALINAS LEGEND     

                                Aug 20th
                                    Home again, enjoying the summer on the lake with our powerboat "KATALINA'S LEGEND" on our mooring.

                                                2023 Park Hill Car Club Tour

                            Aug 22nd
                                We attended a Car Club tour to a nursing home in Warwick. Our camper, a classic year 2000 Sportsmobile is on the left.

                                        2023 Blyth Steam Threshers Reunion

                        Sept 10th saw us at the Steam Threshers Reunion in Blythe. A toss back in Ontario farming history and a host of many
                                     country and western jamming sessions.

                                    2023 BC Kathy with banana plant

                        Sept 18th   
                          Back at Beacon Court Kathy poses beside our monster Banana Plant.

                               2023 Galiano Brian Hiking Pebble Beach Trail

                           Sept 26th
                                We returned to BC To Celebrate my 80th on Galiano Island. Here we were on a hike to Pebble Beach

          2023 Brians 80th with family Galiano   2023 Barrett Rod and Courtney Galiano kitchen

                 All the family Together at John and Eleanor's Residence on Galiano Island with action in the Kitchen with Barrett, Wylde and daughter Courtney.

                                                     2023 Brian Courtney Kathy Galiano Hike    

                                   Oct 2nd
Another hike on the Island at Montague Harbour on Galiano Island.

                                                2023 BC Kathy at the Curbside Garden   

                              Oct 8th
Back home again getting ready for Halloween with Kathy at our curbside garden.

                                      2023 Ron Marsh Family celebrating Thanks Giving

                   Oct 9th
        A photo of the Ron Marsh family at Thanksgiving in their home in  Scarborough. From Right to left around the table is
                        nephew Gary, his old school friend Nick and friend?, brother Ron, niece Kamryn, and Sloan and Jackson Gary's children.

                             2023 Driveway Christmas Lights

                     Dec 2023
                           Beacon Court lighting up for Christmas

                                2023 BC Amarylis beginning to sprout

                Dec 9 2023
    Our Amaryllis is beginning to sprout

                2023 Brian on the beach                2023 Kathy on the beach

On Christmas Day Kathy and I went for a walk around Canatara and returned to via the beach to our beach that has dramatically built up since the water level in Lake Huron continues to drop.

                                                                                                                                                                                   Our Amaryllis is in full bloom to greet the new year.

                                          2023 Brian & Kathy resized Xmas                        2023 Our Amarylis in full bloom


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