TUNDRA HAS A NEW SKIPPER

 Yes it is true !! TUNDRA has been sold! After having TUNDRA built in 1977 we cruised  her in the fresh waters of the Great Lakes for 20 years, then moved her into salt water for another 20 years.TUNDRA with her new owner will remain in the RIO DULCE and area for the next foreseeable future under her new name "ODIN"

 This Website will continue to be updated and reedited.  Much of the text is taken directly from our log that Kathy has so diligently kept. Our travels are basically in chronological order except where we may have back tracked such as the Bahamas and Chesapeake Bay. Simply click on the location that may interest you on the buttons located on the upper left side of each of the pages. We would like to  specifically thank Kathy's brother in law, John, who has hosted and maintained our "Tundra Travels" on his own Web Site at www.galiander.ca  for many years. 

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         Tundra is a 37' ALBERG MK II Sloop that was built and bought by Brian and Kathy in 1977. She is  Hull #181 and was built by Whitby Boat Works located in Whitby Ontario. Tundra  has tiller steering. We prefer a tiller over wheel steering for many reasons. In our opinion the Alberg 37 cockpit is designed for a tiller. A wheel occupies a great deal of cockpit space. A tiller provides with a larger area for our access hatch to the space below the cockpit floor. Here we access our rudder shaft and rear of the engine. Also this is storage for jerry cans etc.  The custom tiller also makes the attachment of auto steering simplified and more maintenance free.The tiller also allows while hand steering better protection from the elements . On Tundra through the years we have made many modifications and improvements particularity for Salt Water Cruising. More details are shown below.  For information regarding Alberg 37s there is an active Alberg 37 Owners Association that can be accessed on the internet at their web site   http://www.alberg37.org/ 

                                                                                      Tundra sits at the dock at Ram Marine just before haul


                                                                            TUNDRA TIED UP AT THE RAM MARINA DOCK GETTING READY FOR HAUL OUT 2015

A view of Tundras down below as seen forward from
        the Galley

Above photos show down below on Tundra looking forward. Please note that the covers shown here that cover  these 4 inch closed cell cushions are protecting the 'like new' upholstery underneath. Below photos show Tundra's new cushion covers recently installed

View to port are Tundras new Setee Cushions

Looking to starboard are Tundras new cushion covers

                       Another View of Tundras Main Cabin on the Port

                      The Starboard Side of
          Tundras Main Cabin

                                                     Above are views of Tundra's Main Cabin

 Below is Tundra's interior looking aft at the Quarter Birth area and Nav Station as well as the Galley to port. The standard Alberg 37  sink is over the engine. We moved the sink to beside the stove as it was awkward for the drain and invariably sea water spilled onto the engine causing corrosion etc. We also changed both sink drains to exit into a sump thus eliminating a sea cock below the water line.

Down below Tundra looking aft to starboard at the galley
        and repositioned sink by the stove

2016 Tundra Closeup Propane Stove and Sink

2016 Tundra Closeup Sink and Fridge

Above are views of TUNDRA'S Galley

                                                                Down below Tundra
      looking aft to the port revealing the Nav Station in the once
      Quarter Berth Area

                                                                    Above looking aft towards the Nav Station from mid cabin

                                    Kathy in our
            Carib 9ft Utralite dinghy and 15 HP Yamaha outboard

Kathy above in our Carib 9 ft Ultralite dinghy helps unload our newly galvanized chain at Ram Marina. Note also our 15HP Yamaha Euro that is covered and in like new condition.

Looking below are a series of recent photos taken in 2016 of various views of TUNDRA as she now sits

                                                                2016 Tundras bow deck view

                                                        TUNDRAS BOW SHOWING ANCHORS AND WINDLASS

                                                                        2016 Tundras removeable cockpit table

                        Tundras cockpit table and security hatch that allows ventilation and security when locked up.

      Tundras propane locker with lid closed  2016 Tundras
      propane locker with lid open                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 

               Tundra's Propane Locker with the lid up and down. This locker is one of our favourite cockpit seats.

                                                                2016 Tundras stern view fron the

                                                                Looking from the cockpit at Tundra's stern

                2016 Tundras Companionway Steps2016 Tundras Forebirth

                                                                        Companionway Steps and Fore Birth

        2016 Tundras former
      Quarter Birth2016 Tundras Head

Tundra's former Quarter birth on the left above  that now acts as a garage and houses the Inverter Charger, 110V Control Panel, and SSB Automatic Tuner. On the right is a view of Tundra's Head

2016 Tundras 35 gal SS fuei tank2016 Tundras Holding Spare Fuel Tank

Tundra's SS 35 Gallon Fuel Tank on the left and to the right is first an Aluminum Holding tank that is presently a spare 35 gallon fuel tank. Diesel fuel is transferred to the main fuel tank by an electric transfer pump. Forward is her 3 gallon an hour water maker that has replaced a former 15 gallon water Tank. Another 15 gallon water tank is located below the cockpit.



1.   At factory 1997 optional alterations above standard

-Bow Single Roller later converted to a Double Roller

-Teak Rub rails with stainless strap later glassed over with West Epoxy and Glass

-Double SS bow and stern pulpits, oversize cockpit main winches as well as a pair of smaller trim winches that were added later

- mid hatch was upgraded to an Atkins Hoyle translucent hatch


2. Glassed in Double Partitioned Chain Locker with two self-draining through hull holes to exterior. The locker is contains 250 ft. 5/16 high test chain on the Starboard and 150 ft. ½ inch rope on the Port.

 Tundras Bow showing her Tgress Windlass and bow roller

Tundras Fore
        Peak Chain Locker and home of her windlass battery

Tundra's Tigress 1200 Electric Windlass and Double Bow roller is shown above left and right is a view of her chain locker from below. Note the removable head stay is attached on the photo above. This head stay is normally tied aft unless needed.

3. Anchor Wash Pump and La Frans Tigress 1200 horizontal Electric Anchor Windless with dual switches. In addition to a 23lb Danforth anchor (standard) on bow pulpit, a 45 lb CQR and a 22 lb fast Set Delta Plough  and a 15 lb. Stern anchor mounted on the stern and 200 ft. of 6 ft. chain and 200 ft. of rope rode stored in the stern locker.


4. Built in cabinetry above the starboard Settee with 12v and 110 plugs for entertainment center.


5.  The 15 gallon water tank was replaced  with a Pur 80 Water Maker, Also replaced was the 30 gallon aluminum holding tank with a custom fiberglass one which is now temporarily being used as an extra fuel tank. This tank can be easily converted back to a holding tank using one of the two macerator pumps available.One which was never used,   An electric transfer pump to pump fuel to the main fuel tank is in place.The main fuel tank was also replaced recently with a custom SS fuel tank. The bilge underneath these tanks were re glassed and hugely strengthened with many layers of cloth and West Epoxy.

Tundras Pur 80 Water Maker installed in place of the
          original 15 gal fresh water tank

PUR 80 Water Maker installed in  the locker that originally was home for the 15 gallon fresh water tank.

The new SS Steel fuel tank that replaced the old leaky
        aluminum one

6. Quarter berth cabinetry was built in to accommodate Nav. Instruments and the Icon 282 SSB radio and Pactor III for email. The cabinetry over the freezer was also customized.

The ICOM M 802 SSB Radio is
          installed in the Nav Station

Installation of the VHF Marine Radio above the
          Nav Station and is accessible from the cockpit

VHF and SSB Radio Installations are shown above. The VHF radio has since been replaced with a Horizon that has AIS incorporated in it. Note portable external speaker mounted behind the VHF radio..

Four 6V House Golf Cart
        House Batteries located in the once food locker on the Port
        Side7. The House Battery was changed to 4 Six Volt Togan golf carts and moved from the bilge under the companionway steps  to the Port Locker under the Settee. The sink over the Engine was moved to the starboard ahead of the reinsulated Ice box that also had 12V Adler Barber type refrigeration (both air and water cooled) A starter battery was installed in the port cockpit lazaret. A Windlass battery was also installed in the fore peak.


8. The Alberg standard Volvo Penta 25 HP MD 2B C engine was replaced with a Yanmar 38 HP 3JH2(B) E  in 1999. The Prop was changed from a 13 inch to a 16 inch by enlarging and beefing up the aperture. We found the Volvo with it's smaller prop not adequate in strong current and sea conditions. Our Yanmar performs well in this regard.

Below photos show the prop as seen in 2015

 Forward view of Tundras prop
        and enlarged aperture for the larger prop

Behind View
        of Tundras 16 inch prop

            Below is the engine installation a Yanmar 38 HP natural aspiration Diesel Engine installed 1999 in the Chesapeake

                                        Tundras Yanmar 38 HP Diesel Engine
      Instalation 1999


       A view of Tundra's Coupling and shaft Installation                         The shaft was replaced as seen and a 16
        inch prop was installed also

A closer view of the Tundras new engine a Yanmar
        3JH2(B) E

A closeup of the engine

9. The cockpit floor had an inspection hatch installed ahead of the tiller large enough to accommodate a person to access the stern of the engine as well as the rudder post etc. Please note at my left hand the removable mounted oil and fuel pump. This is very useful for oil changes for the engine and transmission.  The rudder post and stern cutlass bearing, stern chain plate and prop shaft were all completely re glassed and reinforced. Cabinetry was installed in the port cockpit lazaret. The starboard lazaret was made to house the frig compressor.


A hole was cut in the
        cockpit floor to provide better access to the rear of the engine
        and rudder

        you can see the opening even allowed me to gain good access

10. Many SS additions were made such as 2 separate gallows, Bimini Frame , Stern davits to accommodate dinghy lift and two Siemens 75W solar panels, SS structure to support the wind generator, SS rail to surround the cockpit, cockpit table bracket and personal life line tie down, side and stern boarding ladders, replaced all teak handrails inside and out with SS.

                            Tundra sits at her birth at
        Catamaran Marina Guat


                                                Above Tundra at her birth 2016 at Catamaran Marina Guatemala

Tundras Bow
        shown with Her storeage cover in place     Belize
        a snake comes aboard in Placentia Harbour    

Above right is a photo of the construction of Tundra's stern davit including a harmless green water snake who liked it as well. The snake joined us in Placentia Belize while we were out shopping ashore.

    Tundra's Wind Generator

An Air Marine Wind Generator was mounted on the Stern in Florida and is easily lowered for servicing.

Tundras Life Raft Inflated and being inspected
        in Venezuela

11. A Life raft with mounting bracket behind the mast was added. We had the life raft inspected as you can see in Venezuela


12. STANDING RIGGING Tundra’s rigging was all replaced with 7mm (9/32) wire and all swage terminals were replaced with Staylocs including an insulator about 18” from the mast head. Nine inches was removed from the boom to facilitate easier passage past the back stay during a gibe. A new beefed up goose neck fitting was added as well.

This shows the
          new goose neck fitting installed to replace the old


13. Tundra’s hull and deck were re gel coated in Venezuela and remains in good shape. The inside jib track was removed at the time as I didn’t use it and it was hard to seal against water leaks. Recently the old opening side ports were all replaced with new.

One of the old opening side ports
        that has since been replaced with new ones


Viewed above one of the old side ports that have all been recently replaced with new.

 Tundra's rudder was removed and a triangular piece was removed from it's lower edge from the back edge  to it's attachment to the hull. This was done to prevent damage during a grounding. Note this in the Photo below showing her rudder and 16" prop.

Tundra Hauled and showing her
        modified rudder and prop aperature and 16 inch prop

14. WIRING Most of Tundra’s 12v wiring has been replaced and updated with many 12V socket plugs that are easily accessible. The 110V system was installed after delivery.  Navigation instruments were installed so as to be visible from the cockpit and away from the elements as

15. Modified the propane locker to accommodate 2 10 lb Al propane tanks. Tundra has 4 10 lb aluminum tanks. Two are stored on the stern rail.

A look at Tundras Navigation Instruments
          installed in the cockpit

Navigation Instruments down below viewed from
          the cockpit


A view of Tundras Nav Station and
          Radar mount that has since been removed

Different views of the Nav Station located forward of the former Quarter Berth. The Radar has since been removed and now holds the GPS as well as an External Monitor for Laptop Navigation that is very visible from the cockpit.  Please note the Autohelm Radar no longer is present as the display broke down and could not be repaired or replaced. The wiring is still installed as well as the Raytheon mast mount bracket.  We find the AIS very adequate for our now type of cruising.



        Main Engine (Parts Catalogue #) YOOR4260) SN/03025

        Engine Hours are approximately 2600 hrs.

            Yanmar Model-3JH2 (B) E purchased Aug 1998, (B) stands for angle Drive otherwise 3JH2E

            Colour-echo silver

Shaft 30” long.1” in diameter, PROP- RH 16/11 original was a 13” prop that is standard for Alberg 37’s


              FILTERS, with many spare filters included


Primary Fuel- YANMAR (12947055702), NAPA (3395), WIX (33395                    

Secondary Fuel- YANMAR UNIT (4230-0000),FILTER(4230-0100)      RACOR (R 20 S) 2 micron

Transfer Pump- Universal Filter

                                    Mixing Elbow- Optional Elbow- Pt# 129470-13541 with spare


Exhaust Flapper-Pt# 1200344 at Centrex Industries (1 800 432 2158)


Replaced old aluminum fuel tank with a seamless stainless steel tank, March 2013

Alternator and Parts

                                  Primary Alternator- Amptech 125/108, Hook up to Commercial ext reg. With heavy +ve –ve  wire.

          Spare Original Alternator-Hitachi 55amp, Hook up to original wire harness with field wire.

         Alternator V-BELT- Yanmar-PT# 171087-42280 Length-45 ½” (1160 mm) O  Circ. Width ½” (12.5 mm)

          Good Year-Pt#17461 L-46” (1170mm.) with 2 spares        

Napa- Pt#  XL 25-9455-  L- 45 3/4” (1165mm.) O Circumference W 13mm.

                                    Voltage Regulator is an External Heavy Duty Commercial 45 watt Regulator

                                     Remote Throttle and Gear Shift

           Morse Controls- Model MV-2, with Morse Type 33C 6’ cables


Transmission- Gear Model- KBW1OE- KM3A-Model Marine Gear

                                    Gear Ratio- 2.64/3.04


                Dinghy and Outboard

                               Carib lightweight 9 foot with cover

                        Yamaha Euro 15 HP (Dec 21 2005)  S/N 6B4K-1034453                                                

                               Life Raft-DBC Marine Safety Systems Swiftshure offshore 4 persons Inspected 20/12/2005

             Wind Generator   Air Marine


        2 Siemens 75 watt panels with sun saver 10 controller


        ANCHOR WINDLASS- La Frans Tigress 1200 W   

        This windlass services 2 anchor rodes-one 250 ft 5/16th galvanized chain on stb and one 150 ft rope with 20 ft 3/8 triple BBB chain on the port. there are also  additional stored rope rodes

                   MID-   Atkins Hoyle Hatch 19.5”X19.5”

             SIDE PORTS- made by Gray Enterprises of Tampa Florida 

                   FORE HATCH-Original                    

                   Hatch over Galley- Bomar Pompanette, 881 Production Place, Newport Beach, California,                                      


                        STARTING BAT-Marine Group 2 (11”X8”) Cranking Amps 635 Maintenance Free

                        ANCHOR WINDLASS BAT Maintenance Free

                        HOUSE BAT- 4 SIX Volt Golf Cart deep cycle Trojan 


                                    Starting Battery West Marine 50 Size 3 ½ x 1x1”

                                    Windlass LINK-ACR-BLUE SEA



                        Dome-Galley & Settee- Base approx 5 ½” Diameter Many replaced with LED Lights and Bulbs

            CLOCK & BAROMETER BINOCULARS with Case Fuji Mariner

Wilcox Critteren  (#51 type 4 Imperial)

                   SHIPMATE STOVE           Model 5883G- S/N 77B 201 3 burner with oven

                   Force 10 Junior Propane Barbecue 

                   ELECTRONICS INCLUDE

            3 Autopilots
            Raymarine ST 4000 PLUS- with Remote

                     Autohelm 2000 for backup

                    Autohelm 1000  for backup under power  

                Freedom 15 Heart Interface Inverter Charger

           Freedom Remote Control Panel plus e meter

                        SSB-Icom I.C. M802 with automatic Smart Tuner and Kiss ground system. Also a  backup manual tuner

                        VHF-Horizon Matrix AIS 2100 Milltech Marine Oct 2010  IC:511B-30443X35

                        2 Metz VHF antennas, Main one on masthead and backup on Stern Gallows                                 

                        TNC- PACTOR II E (PACTOR III) S/N 0008-0613 (all letters are black)

                         EPIRB- ACR TM 406  Model BLB-32 CAT II (West Marine)  UIN # ADCE02293942801, P/N 2775, S/N 39502


            GPS Garmin 152 plus and another separate GPS receiver for VHF and SSB radios to show location and to provide a signal for auto pilot.

               EPIRB an  Emergency Positioning Devise registered with the US Coast Guard

         DEPTH SOUNDER                      

                        Raytheon (Auto Helm ST 50 Plus)

                      TRANSDUCER External plus an internal one for backup depth sounder

                  SPEED INSTRUMENT-

                               Raymarine ST Plus

            REFRIGERATION-E-Z Cold (Rebuilt Dec 2000)

                               134A FREON Has a large stainless steel holding plate

THERMOSTAT  or can use included Brazix multicircuit waterproof 12V  timer

                               COMPRESSOR DANFROSS BD and MODULE DANFROSS BD35F

                               MUFFIN FAN and March Water Pump cooling with either or both


            WATER MAKER- PUR 80 2032 R           with spare filters. parts and chemicals
Wash Down- Jabsco Water Puppy

                       Freshwater Pump- Parmax Model 30620-0012,

                Bilge Pump- 1 3/4 inch OD Outlet Pipe, Switch is a large Rule Super

                Sump Pump-(Grey Water) Rule 800-500 GPH, Switch is a small Rule

               Manual Bilge Pump-Gusher#10 and a portable bilge pump to pump out ships tanks or bilge

              Shaft 1 inch Diameter Stainless Steel  plus a spare. Prop remover and puller.    
Bronze and 1 ¼ inch in Diameter 
Tear drop 18”bronze ground plate located under the mast 
               Shaft- 1” Doughnut for a 1 inch diameter shaft with spares for both



            OVERALL MAST LENGTH- 50 feet

                   ABOVE DECK MAST LENGTH-17’ 4”

                   BOOM LENGTH-17’ 4” (WITH 9 INCHES REMOVED)

                   BOOM TRACK LENGTH- 16’ 4”

                   SPREADER TO DECK- 27’

                   SPREADER TO BOOM 23’

                   BOOM TO DECK 4’ 
  Line Size 3/8”  Length 40 to 50 feet

                    ROLLER FURLER- PRO FURL  Line Size 5/16 inches, Length 70 feet       

                    TOPPING LIFT Line Size 3/8 in. Length ?

                   MAST HEAD HALYARD- Line Size ¼ in. Length 100 ft.

                   2 SPREADER HALYARDS- Line Size ¼ in. Length 3/16 in.

                   LAZY JACKS- Line Size 5/16 in.

                                             Line Size ¼ in.

                   MAIN SHEET- Line Size 7/16 in.

                   JIB SHEET- Line Size ½ in., Length 50-51ft

                   SPINNAKER HALYARD- Line Size 7/16 in. 

                   JIB HALYARD- Line Size 3/8 in.

                   DINGHY LIFT LINE- Line Size ¼ to 5/16th inch Length 28ft


                   MAINSAIL Foot 15ft 10 ½” Luff (mast length) 25ft  12ft 2” 37ft 2”  Leach 15ft, 1st Reef 69ft ½” 2nd Reef 140 ½”

                   QUICKSILVER JIB Foot (Tack to Clue) 16ft ½” Luff(Tack to Head) 25ft. Leach(Clue to Head) ?

                   DRS Drifter Reacher Spinnaker with sock

                   Working Jib (furling) and Storm Jib to hank on auxiliary removable head stay

                   Storm Main to hank onto auxiliary track on mast

                   STACK PACK 2 3/8” Diameter round Rods 16’ 11” long

                GROUND TACKLE
                   Enclosed forepeak anchor locker, exterior drained. Mid separator panel holds 240ft.  5/16” high tensile chain for 45 lb. CQR plough anchor attached and 150 ft rope rode with 20 ft chain attached                        to a 2 lb Quick Set Delta Plough, and a separate 22lb Danforth with 2 spare rodes for stern or additional bow attachment.


                   Hard Fiberglas dodger and canvases to cover cockpit, bimini,dodger, mid hatch,forehatch and storage

                   SCREENS for Mid, Main, Fore hatch and all opening ports.

Spare Parts For Main Engine- Fuel filters, alternator belts, oil filters, Main engine fuel pump

                  Outboard Engine- Spark plugs,etc

                   Sailrite Sewing Machine

                  Charts of the Caribbean

                  Food Vacuum Packer

                  Spare rope for halyards and sheets, Winch Handles, Blocks, Life Jackets etc.

                  Misc. electrical wire, adaptors and coaxial cable

                  2 tackle boxes of spare SS screws and bolts. spare SS hose clamps & many plumbing


                   Many tools that specifically fit Tundra’s requirements

                  Entertainment Center CD, DVD, AM/ FM Radio

                  Equipped galley (dishes,pots, pans,silverware,etc.

           Cockpit Table that can be also mounted down below or stowed.

          4 Aluminum 10 lb propane tanks

          Baja fuel filter stored under the cockpit floor

          Assortment of Jerry cans and a mounted manual fuel and oil pump also stored under the cockpit floor


               Nov 23 2017